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The programs that are aimed at the development of the Physical Literacy are supported by the professional methodology created by sports specialists. You can find there various recommendations how to use these programs effectively, including the instructions and descriptions of specific exercises. Following the page, you can find the examples of the methodological handbooks.


It must be said that even though you have a perfect program and a great methodology, it will not be well applied if there is no professionally educated and motivated teacher, trainer, coach or a sports specialist. The Academy is organizing seminars, presentations and workshops (also under auspices of Ministry of Education Youth and Sports and The Education for teachers and trainers) to educate and motivate the teachers so that they could become the specialists in the programs of the Physical Literacy.

Accreditation of our organization: MŠMT-4503/2018-1

An outline of the current events:

5.3.2018, Pardubice, Gymnastics at schools

Seminar at the elementary school Bratranců Veverkových, you can find the photos from the seminar HERE 

You can find the video from the seminar HERE

6.4.2018, Hradec Králové, Gymnastics at schools

5.6.2018, Chrudim, Gymnastics at schools

You can find the video from the seminar HERE

30. – 31.8.2018, The basics of the Physical Literacy – The movement and sport for life – an accredied seminar, Hradec Králové , the hall TJ Slavia

You can find the propositions and inscriptions HERE