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The third pillar of the physical literacy is presented by inclusive sports which are co-educative, contactless, they do not require specific physical structure of one’s body (e.g. height of the basketball players) and they do not emphasize the importance of the ranking in the competitions. Inclusive sports emphasize the importance of movement, fun and cooperation all together.

In the last decades, UNESCO has been supporting the inclusion for all the types of education all around the world. The main principle for the PE is the Physical Literacy which is already based on the standards of the inclusion. Viz. the article "The main principles of the Physical literacy based on the example of the collective sport named Kin-ball " which can be found on the website of National Curriculum. You can find the link HERE.

The kids gymnastics and athletics are aimed for the maternal and primary schools but inclusive sports are intended for the secondary schools, high schools and many of them also for the universities. The typical examples of the inclusive sports are Kin-ball, Ultimate Frisbee or mini-volley in colors.

The website of the Czech Kn-ball Federation

The website of the project “Mini-volley in colors”