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The gymnastics for kids represents the first pillar of the physical literacy. It consists of a new methodology and new sets for the maternal and primary schools.

The methodology was prepared by Markéta Rohanová and Jaroslava Dudková, two trainers of Czech Sokol.

The content of gymnastics for kids for maternal schools

The illustration of the methodology of the gymnastics for kids

The methodology for the sets for the primary schools prepared: Miroslav Zítko, Jan Chrudimský and Gabriela Machová. The sets consist of inflatable acrobatic track, 4 ultralight mats, collapsible wedge, the vaulting box composed from 4 parts, conical balance beam composed from 2 parts and anti slip mat.

The set can be enlarged by the exercising system Rinoset, Rinogym Air set (more information on www.rinoset.cz), set with other inflatable tools that are easy to carry on and therefore are perfect for the school trips.

The cover of the methodology of gymnastics for kids